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30-03-2017 /Press

If people cannot afford to pay tax for their only home, it's nationalization - Latvian ombudsman

If people cannot afford to pay tax for their only home, it amounts to nationalization,... Read more

28-03-2017 /Press

Private investments in real estate sector should reach EUR 600 million in 2020 – Aseradens

RIGA, March 28 (LETA) – The goal of the Latvian Economics Ministry is to achieve... Read more

03-03-2017 /Press

Housing costs represent 14% of household disposable income in Latvia in 2016

The share of housing costs in the household disposable income in Latvia decreased by 1.2... Read more

03-03-2017 /Press

Some Lithuanian municipalities buy social housing above market price - state auditors

The Lithuanian State Audit Office has criticized some municipalities for the way of managing and... Read more

28-02-2017 /Press

LABEEF expects EUR 500 million investments in housing renovation in Latvia over 10 years

RIGA, Feb 24 (LETA) - The long-term goal of the Latvian Baltic Energy Efficiency Facility... Read more

16-02-2017 /Press

Is real estate a good investment?

Despite the many highs and lows of the market, good real estate as a long-term... Read more

14-02-2017 /Press

Number of building permits for new single dwelling houses down 4.1% in 2016

RIGA, Feb 13 (LETA) - In 2016, Latvian construction authorities issued 1,329 permits for construction... Read more

10-02-2017 /Press

Estonia: Number, aggregate value of real estate transactions grow in 2016

TALLINN, Feb 10, BNS – Last year 47,369 real estate purchase and sale transactions worth a... Read more